It’s time to rein in the ESG

Opposition to ESG practices is growing as Congress and attorneys general from across the country highlight practices that cause major banks, asset managers and financial advisors to take ESG covenants that violate their fiduciary responsibilities to their investors. The ESG and the Corporate Equity Index (CEI) are part of the so-called “ethical investing” movement driven … Read more

view | Issue 2024: Democracy or Autocracy?

To the editor: Regarding “Trump and Allies Seek Massive Increase in His Power” (front page, July 17): Donald Trump, if elected next year, plans to revamp the administrative state, also known to conservatives as the deep state, also known to Mr. Trump as warmongers, globalists, “communists, Marxists and fascists,” and “the political class our country … Read more

Guest opinion: Utah Supreme Court hears arguments over gerrymandering | News, sports, jobs

The attached photo Kathy Adams The rows of church-like benches were filled Tuesday (July 11, 2023) in Matheson Courthouse with concerned citizens, media, attorneys, and plenty of attorneys – law students, legal partners, retired judges, attorneys representing the state and plaintiffs. At the front of the chamber sat the five justices who … Read more

Lots of tourists follow a leader

Here is the author’s opinion and analysis: Marjorie “Slim” Woodruff A stunning photo recently appeared on social media of a young lady in Arizona. She was standing on the edge of a cliff decked out in the colors of the setting sun. Her online followers immediately cried over where the photo was taken, so “I … Read more

The infernal heatwave in Italy is like something out of Dante’s Inferno. (opinion)

Editor’s note: Silvia Marchetti is a freelance journalist based in Rome covering Italian travel, cultural economy and politics for international media. The opinions expressed in this comment are their own. Read more CNN view here. Capina, Italy CNN – Here in Capina, a pretty town 15 miles north of Rome, it’s not just the unbearable … Read more

Critical point for the future of Penn Station

July is one of the most important months in the 113-year history of Penn Station. Madison Square Garden’s lease above the station expired this month, and the park’s management is insisting it be renewed. At stake is not only Penn Station itself but rail service throughout the entire New York metropolitan area.” Mark A Hermann/MTA … Read more

Opinion: Elected officials can stand with striking workers

Elected officials in Los Angeles—and everywhere—have a First Amendment right to express their views on labor disputes, including showing solidarity with the unions and joining their picket lines. Contrary to the advice given by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, there is nothing in federal law that prevents city officials from publishing their opinions. After … Read more

Opinion: Reagan National Airport Perimeter Rule Changes Must Stop

Multiple Illinois airports prioritize direct access to Washington airports because business views entering and leaving the capital frequently and with ease are central to its operations. (See Boeing’s move to Arlington, Virginia, shown in Figure A.) Key to this access is Reagan National Airport, which is designated for short-haul flights, and the federal “ocean rule” … Read more