Counter-Strike 2 players have been mesmerized by the new Overpass water physics in the July 17th update

published: 2023-07-18 T06:27:20

updated: 2023-07-18 T06:27:35

Counter-Strike 2 players are blown away by the new Overpass water physics arriving in the July 17th update as Valve takes another step forward into a new era.

With much of the Counter-Strike player base awaiting the full release of CS2, due this summer, those with access to the closed beta have already been enjoying building an earl as Valve pumps out regular updates introducing new maps and game modes.

With every new major update and especially with every new map ported, players are treated to improved visuals along with some unique interactions due to the new Source 2 physics. From volumetric smoke and liquid shading, an Office add-on that boasts glass-shattering physics, and even a delicious chicken roasting function, there’s a lot to discover.

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Now, with the addition of Overpass and Vertigo with the new update on July 17, players can see for themselves the popular water physics that the transition to Source 2 brings.

In Overpass, that is, around the sewer area of ​​Location B, you can see for yourself the significantly improved water physics. With water now realistically simulates how it flows and ripples in real life.

It also mimics the ripples left behind as you walk through it, even forming when you shoot, walk, and throw a grenade into it. This step forward left the community intrigued.

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100 Thieves founder Nadeshot said of the update, “I’m not someone who tends to get excited about visuals in a video game unless it includes a weapon skin but that’s a sick f*** really. Might be a modernity bias because I’ve been playing CS lately, but I’m excited.”

“Amazing. Crazy. I was so sick,” were just some of the responses below the clip that has now gone viral. Not everyone was on the hype train right away, though, with some sharing concern about the potential performance impact.

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when A joint CS Twitter account A short video showing water physics for CS2 was released on July 17th, and it was instantly a huge hit.

Gabe Follower, a Counter-Strike leaker, noted that the developers showed off new Source 2 features with each new update and asked what the new feature could be next. And the CS Twitter account responded with a GIF of what appears to be their favorite TV show, The Office.

However, despite the large number of updates granted to the already closed beta, only a very limited number of players actually have access to it. We’ll be sure to keep you updated here when more access opens up in the coming months.

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